Why should I unlock my phone. What are the benefits?

Answer: There are multiple benefits of unlocking your phone. Once unlocked, you can use any SIM card with your phone. That allows you to use your phone on any GSM network or with any GSM carrier anywhere in the world. Unlocking increases the resale value of your phone making it more desirable to potential buyers. Unlocking is also environmentally friendly because it widens the possibility of your phone being re-used by multiple owners because of its limited restrictions and compatibility with multiple networks.

Is unlocking legal?

Answer: Unlocking your phone is 100% legal for all devices manufactured before Jan, 26th 2013. Due to the recent legislation passed by the Library of Congress for the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA), you should have carriers' permission to unlock devices that were manufactured on January 26th, 2013 and later. It is the customers' responisbility to make sure that requirement is met. We will not be held liable for unknowingly unlocking a device that was made from this date onwards. This rule does not apply to mobile phone users outside of USA. If you live outside the USA, you do not have to worry about any restrictions regarding unlocking your phone. When mobile phone carrier distribute/sell phones under their name, they usually place a network lock on the device so as to keep their customer loyal and bound to only one network. Unlocking simply allows you to break free from that restriction.

Once unlocked, do I need to get my phone unlocked again after a firmware update/upgrade?

Answer: No. If you utilize our services to unlock your phone, we guarantee that your phone will remain unlocked even after you perform a software update on your phone.

What is an IMEI?

Answer: IMEI which stands for "International Mobile Equipment Identity" is a unique 15 to 17 digit number assigned to every mobile device to identify it. A particular IMEI is specific to the device and has no direct relation with the network or distributor of the phone. On most devices the IMEI can be displayed on the screen by press *#06#

I cannot see my phone model listed on your site. Can you still unlock it?

Answer: We unlock almost 99% of all phone models from major phone brands. If you do not see your phone model listed on our order page then feel free to contact us. We will let you if we can still unlock your phone.

What payment methods do you accept?

Answer: We use Paypal for all our orders. You can make a payment using your Paypal account, or if you do not have a Paypal account, you can use your credit or debit card to make a payment via Paypal. You may use Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express to make the payment.

Why do some phones cost more to unlock than others?

Answer: Price of unlock code can depend on quite a few factors. It can depend on the availability or lack of availability of unlock codes released by the network. Pricing can also depend on whether the unlock code is obtained from the network carrier or the manufacturer. The unlock code obtained through the manufacturer generally costs more than one that's obtained from the network carrier.

What does unlock code 'Not Found' mean?

Answer: If you receive an email from us stating that your unlock code was not found, then it could primarily be due to 2 reasons. Either you sent us the wrong IMEI of the phone, or the wrong network carrier. Please make sure the information you provided us is correct and then contact us with the correct information. If all the information you provide to us is correct and if we still cannot find the unlock code for your phone, we will provide you 100% refund.

I received my unlock code but it doesn't seem to be working. What can I do?

Answer: Accuracy of our unlock codes is over 99%. We suggest you make sure to follow the exact unlock input instructions. These instructions are available on our website and the link is sent with each unlock code so you can conveniently access the instructions. If the unlock code still doesn't work, we also suggest that you verify the IMEI and network information you provided along with your order.

How does your refund guarantee work? What's the procedure to get a refund?

Answer: All our unlock codes are guaranteed to work 100%. If for some reason an unlock code does not work, we guarantee a 100% refund. We however do require proof that the correct unlock input instructions were followed by the customer and proper IMEI and network information was submitted to us. You will receive a full refund when:
  • We send you an email saying that unlock code was 'Not Found'.
  • Our support team used all available options to unlock your phone but we were unable to do so.
  • We will require some visual proof that the unlock code we provided failed to unlock your phone. In such an event, we will provide you instructions on how to proceed. Once the information has been furnished to us, we will provide you 100% refund.
  • How long do I have to cancel my order once it's been placed.

    Answer: We process orders around the clock. Due to the nature of the service we offer, we are unable to cancel orders once they are placed.